Welcome my friend, we mean you know harm

We are just trying to kill you the funniest way possible

level screen

Author : PlasmaCore1219

Last update : 1559369770

Now with 50% less bad per serving!

level screen

Author : Some_J_Name

Last update : 1558810515

Prepare to get trolled in the least common level type in Vanilla SMW. Level might be too long and bad though

level screen

Author : Potatochan

Last update : 1557085679

what am i supposed to put here? very good hack 3/10 pls play

level screen

Author : DankBaron

Last update : 1557057693


level screen

Author : DuffyW

Last update : 1555789692

Just a quick troll/coin collection level I made for Easter. Have fun! And DON'T GET GREEDY! Leave some coins for your little brother or you'll be sorry. There's a sa...

level screen

Author : DuffyW

Last update : 1555423412

The name is a bad pun, and the level is a bad troll. (My first attempt at a troll hack.) 4 levels of Lunar magic practice and trolly goodness (badness?)

P.S.: There&...

level screen

Author : OverworldYT

Last update : 1556926555

Adventure in the world, of super overworld 64 (not a n64 patch)

Official Trailer: https://twitter.com/OverworldYT_/status/1115756490592333833

level screen

Author : Kaladin

Last update : 1557200446

Its my ____ In a box!

This is a super ultra difficult Kaizo extreme beyond Pit, TASbot can't even complete this level. So what chance do you have? Huh?