Welcome my friend, we mean you know harm

We are just trying to kill you the funniest way possible

level screen

Author : Kaladin

Last update : 1557200446

Its my ____ In a box!

This is a super ultra difficult Kaizo extreme beyond Pit, TASbot can't even complete this level. So what chance do you have? Huh?

level screen

Author : juzcook

Last update : 1554431810

Carl vs Juz Round 2

level screen

Author : MM102

Last update : 1553619923

Invictus 2 is a chocolate troll hack with a touch of vanilla charm that will challenge even the most experienced players. It aims to be fun, whilst remaining trolly albeit fair. It...

level screen

Author : PlasmaCore1219

Last update : 1559254762

This is no level! In fact, it's a 6 level hack made by yours truly. Have fun!

level screen

Author : fome82

Last update : 1553556121

This is still dicks.

level screen

Author : Some_J_Name

Last update : 1553323518

my first level

I hope i win!

level screen

Author : DankBaron

Last update : 1554182031

Has science gone too far?

level screen

Author : fome82

Last update : 1553170979

Nomen est omen.