Invictus 2 by MM102

Posted : 1553619923
Status : Final
Version : Juz version

Level Screen Invictus 2 is a chocolate troll hack with a touch of vanilla charm that will challenge even the most experienced players. It aims to be fun, whilst remaining trolly albeit fair. It took the entirety of my free time over the course of a month to learn and build. Good luck, and enjoy!

This hack features:
- 1 individual, challenging level without instant retry
- no impressive coded-from-scratch final boss (courtesy of Kaizoman/Thomas)
- A fine assortment of custom assets, including a bangin' soundtrack
- NO hidden blocks. Studies troll fun has increased by 200%!
- Loads of secrets for those who explore a little deeper...

Special thanks to
Juzcook, Carlsagan42, Nexus15, Freakin_HA, HmWhyNot, ChrisG___, White_Moth, Hiro_sofT, DanTheVP, LadiesMan217 and Kaizoman for all of their assistance, patience and hard work in helping me to make this hack a reality. This game wouldn't exist without them.
Also get bodied.

(sometimes the custom asm makes the end of the level not work but itworks the second time around.)

Official Invictus 2 Trailer:

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Older version :

Version : Carl version
Posted : 1553619822
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