Blank In a Box by Kaladin

Posted : 1557200446
Status : Final
Version : 1.0.3

Level Screen Its my ____ In a box!

This is a super ultra difficult Kaizo extreme beyond Pit, TASbot can't even complete this level. So what chance do you have? Huh?

Don't even think about playing unless you are a god among gods. Or Asian. Or have 2 working hands, maybe 1 working hand is enough. Maybe if you're half Asian with 1 working hand. Or a Pomeranian with a large overbite and the tenacity of a large group of ground squirrels.

Or a single squirrel who's best friend is a sponge.

v0.1 reduced difficulty for non-Asian players.
v0.2 added more time
v0.2.1 added more mole beetles*
v0.2.2 added sanity safety measure when crushing soul
v0.3 added finger workout routine and beer
v0.3.5 revamped finger workout and added a spoopy place
v0.5 added spoopy place and finishy place
v0.5.1 fixed pipe of doom
v0.6 RC1 added shoe polish and other types of polish
v0.6 RC2 added ability to inform you that YOU SUCK!
v0.6 RC3 fixed something, I forget what.
v0.7 RC4 fixed OverWorld's Cheese
v0.7 RC5 fixed Hula's Cheese
v0.7 RC5 [PROPER] scene re-release with fixed version number on title screen
v0.7 RC6 Fixed bonus game text when you cheese the credits for bonus stars
v0.8 RR Re-rite of the whole game with help of Potatochan using xkas
V1.0 Hack full Release! adjusted things that required pixel perfect eyesight and control.
v1.0.1 Added brown paint and shot an elephant
v1.0.2 Tweaked visual cues to de-jank a section of sonic the hedgehog
v1.0.3 added some aesthetics, rubbed potatochan goo on some pipes and fired some munchers.

*Increased the amount of mole beetles from 2 to two.

Patch Note :
Found a reason to thank Potatochan
added more green to Green Hill 1
Decreased the amount of Jank
Decreased the number of munchers
Fired some munchers and hired new munchers
Tricks :
looking up
Spin Jumping

Older version :

Version : 1.0.2
Posted : 1557115799
Patch Note :
tweaked some visual cues to remove something that had that janky feeeelin'

Version : 1.0.1
Posted : 1556142969
Patch Note :
Fixed version number on title screen
scraped purple paint off the mole beetles' feet
gave Elephant some plastic surgery

Version : 1.0
Posted : 1555828662
Patch Note :
Full release after adjusting:

Decided the xkas re-rite was too difficult to maintain, reverted back to Lunar Magic based level creation.


1 annoyingly tight junk that made TheStellarStrix wonder why he agreed to try my levels.

Some blocks to make more visible for blind players.


Holy Shit Mario Mega-God room for people who are determined enough and skilled enough to find it.

Version : 0.8.RR
Posted : 1555705124
Patch Note :
Completely rewrote the hack using xkas (RR for Re-Rite)

Version : 0.7RC6
Posted : 1555614808
Patch Note :
Changed Bonus Game! text

Version : 0.7RC5 [proper]
Posted : 1555568635
Patch Note :
fixed version number on title screen, otherwise exactly the same as 0.7RC5

Version : 0.7RC5
Posted : 1555472426
Patch Note :
Fixes for cheese found while earning the Duffy Weber Seal (arf arf) of approval

Version : 0.7RC4
Posted : 1555453242
Patch Note :
Inspired by OverworldYT's playtesting, I have adjusted some trolls and indicators.

Version : 0.6RC3
Posted : 1555442463
Patch Note :
Fixed OverworldYT's cheese, softlock and added secret hidden exit solution to the credits.

Version : 0.6RC2
Posted : 1555303738
Patch Note :
Updated Tools Credits
Changed Level Intro and Time Up! text

Version : 0.6.0RC1
Posted : 1555269417
Patch Note :
Added custom music
Elongated the credits
Fixed overworld pathing going from level 2 back to level 1

Version : 0.5.1
Posted : 1555179467
Patch Note :
Fixed Dubarel's pipe of doom

Version : 0.5
Posted : 1555145308
Patch Note :
Final Level and credits, first Beta Version!

Version : 0.3.5
Posted : 1555115770
Patch Note :
Made level 3 less hot garbage
made level 1 easier to get through for those who know how to do it
Added placeholder for level 4 on overworld and events.

Version : 0.3
Posted : 1554875593
Patch Note :
3rd level released (planning 1 more level and credits)
Considered some suggestions before throwing them away.

Version : 0.2.2
Posted : 1554839577
Patch Note :
slightly less soul-crushing

Version : 0.2.1
Posted : 1554751105
Patch Note :
Still not sure how many mole beetles there are