Peach's Easter Egg Hunt 2019 by DuffyW

Posted : 1555789692
Status : Final
Version : 0.06 (The End)

Level Screen Just a quick troll/coin collection level I made for Easter. Have fun! And DON'T GET GREEDY! Leave some coins for your little brother or you'll be sorry. There's a safety coin #19.

(If you want an easier experience, get one of the earlier versions.)

Patch Note :
I'm really not fixing anything else. This is THE version.
Tricks :
Basic SMW Knowledge

Older version :

Version : 0.04 (Also Also Final. Really.)
Posted : 1555787206
Patch Note :
Special thanks to Dubarel.

Version : 0.04 (Also Also Final)
Posted : 1555782750
Patch Note :
Kaladin's found some funny, funny cheese. And then I ate it.

Version : 0.02 (Also Final)
Posted : 1555781188
Patch Note :
Okay, since Kaladin is a cheese-finding smart-aleck, I've fixed my level. XD

Version : 0.01 (FINAL)
Posted : 1555771510
Patch Note :
I'm sure there's cheese, but this was a quick one for Easter 2019. Have fun, and enjoy it for what it is. Happy egg hunting!